How do I Junk My Car:

Sell my car Orlando for Fast Cash

Selling your Car is easy with Sell My Car Orlando:

  1. Just Call us and give us the basic information on the Car Year, Make, Model and millage if the car runs
  2. Let us know if you have a title 
  3. What city is the car located in we service all of Central Florida
  4. Let us know whats wrong with the car

And we will quote you a fair offer right on the phone, it's that simple.


Integrity: Unlike other companies, we won't tell you a higher price on the phone, then when we show up offer a lower price.  If their price sounds to good to be true, it's because it is.

Generous Offer:  Our prices are highly competitive.  We know you want as much for your car as possible and you wan the job done quickly.  Our main goal is to make sure that every client is 100% Satisfied.

Fast Service with Free Towing:  Having helped thousands of people like you over the years, we know what you want and when you call about your used or junk car, you want it gone and gone fast.  We strive to get with your fast and tow it away for free.

Maximum recycling:  We look to recycle as much of your vehicle as possible to minimize the impact on the environment we truly practice safe and green policy. 

For many, getting rid of a junk car is a hassle and no one wants to add unnecessary waste to a landfill.  contacting a junk car removal service like Sell My Car Orlando is your best option for junk car disposal.